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Through the charism of living the spirituality of Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Radio Renascidos em Pentecostes, seeks to innovate in radio on the Internet. Here, you have access to all audio content available to listen when and where you want. Besides listening, you can also download the MP3 files and thus help the community maintain the communication system in the air, leading to new evangelization without borders to the four corners of the world.


Every day, with a special program, Radio Renascidos em Pentecostes to the renewing power of the Gospel, with lots of music, information and entertainment. Through our programs, you and your family can live true moments of intimacy with God, which will strengthen your faith that, steeped in mystique of our charism, under the intercession of Our Lady, are open to a life transformed by the grace of the Holy Spirit .